Solving for RICA and Fraud
Business “Unusual”
South Africa was, generally speaking, already navigating through a torrid economic environment before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic. The “Corona crisis” has just been made whole lot more interesting when coupled with the fact that South Africa has been downgraded by all remaining ratings agencies to junk status when you add these elements to the fact that we were already battling electricity generation problems and the fact that when we went into [...]
Credit Limits & Terms
It is said that when we look at things in different way that we can change our entire perception, and yes, they are right. Take for instance, if we simply accept uncertainty it then becomes an adventure and no longer uncertainty. Accepting the good in others suddenly changes envy to inspiration. In the same way as accepting what is beyond our control changes anger to tolerance. So why not look at credit limits and management [...]

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