Can I Check My Business Credit Score For Free?
Checking your business credit score is a great idea for a number of important reasons. In the age of credit checks for almost everything you want to buy, including when renting property, your credit score is almost as important as your criminal record. In this article, we unpack a few reasons why a business should know the state of their credit score, three reasons to let a credit bureau check your credit score, and whether [...]
What Is A Business Credit Score?
A business credit score is a measure of an organisation’s lending habits and history of repaying debts. The more diligently they are at paying their expenses on time each month, the better the business’s credit score will be. In this article, take a look at the differences between personal and business credit scores, why having a good credit score is important, and how to easily check your business credit score in South Africa. Personal vs. [...]

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