What We Do

A Journey into the known

Cred-it-data is a Business Risk Navigator. We take you on a journey into the known; reducing the risk to your business and livelihood by giving you access to better information so you can make better decisions. On this journey into the known we, steer your business past potentially risky credit decisions with the help of numerous tools, such as Business and Consumer Credit Reports from the major credit bureaus.

Being in the know

Do you know the answers to the following questions; or have you ever wished that you had the answers to these questions at the start of your business relationship; before it’s too late..?

  • Are your clients credit worthy?

  • Are your clients able to pay you?

  • What is the financial position of your suppliers? And will they be able to keep your supply chain to your customers moving?

  • If your clients default on their payments do you know what to do – and when to do it – to collect what’s owing to you?

Many businesses are very good at what they do, but have insufficient know-how of effective credit verification and management. It is all too easy, for example, to lose out on money owed to you if you do not follow a legally compliant collections process.

And THIS is what we do!

As a Cred-it-Data client you will have the answers to these questions at the beginning of your journey with both your clients and suppliers.

On this journey into the known we also keep you IN the KNOW.


A Journey into the known

By using the Cred-it-data online system with its scoring and automated decision making, you will have the right and useful information at beginning of your journey with both clients and suppliers.
We aggregate information from multiple sources into one central portal with risk management tools and solutions to monitor and control credit; enabling superior customer acquisition and retention practices where credit is involved.

As a Cred-it-data client you will have access to real-time, investigated information from multiple sources on various aspects of other’s businesses – from credit information to property data.

Our industry leading systems will make sense of the data and provide an easy to use, compliant report to assist with your decision making.

Our solutions cover all aspects of the customer life cycle and more. Cred-it-data provides streamlined end-to-end services to reduce bad debt from the outset, manage existing customers and the tools to collect on outstanding debt.

Acquisition and Vetting

Decision making has never been easier. Get a holistic view of your client’s credit history to make better decisions and start trading with confidence.

Customer Management

Grow your business through effective customer management. Whether you need to review credit limits, manage insurance limit of discretions’ or simply monitor your book of active clients we have a solution for you.

Collections & Tracing

Early, consistent debt collection done the correct way leads to increased cash flow – it’s that simple. Cred-it-data can provide the tools for you to effectively manage the entire collections process and list defaults when required.