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Since our inception in 2007, we have helped many different businesses – of all shapes
and sizes – uncover the answers they need so that they can trade with confidence.

We are an accredited business partner to the major credit bureaus in South Africa. In 2017, we took the next step on our journey to becoming your preferred credit data resource, by becoming a registered credit bureau in our own right (Reg no: NCRCB25).

Are you ready to join a host of other successful South African business that have turned to Cred-it-data to make better business decisions?

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    What Does “Cred-it-data” Even Mean, Though?

    Our name reflects the three pillars of our business:

    Who we are Cred-it-data logo

    “cred” for credit & credibility

    This represents our position as a credit bureau and our long-standing association with the major credit bureaus in South Africa.

    Being the first supplier of a “4 bureau” comparative credit report, our credibility was earned – just ask our customers.

    “it” for IT

    This represents our expertise in the technical realm that enables us to deliver bespoke, wholly integrated information and communications technology solutions that help our clients manage their businesses better.

    “data” for information

    This represents our ability to provide data-based answers to the important questions you have. Our data resources are second-to-none and form the backbone of the professional services we offer our clients.

    Why We’re Here

    Cred-it-data is a registered credit bureau with a difference. We know that a datasheet is not what you need to run your business.

    We are here to help you look beyond data. Our products offer a complete solution that helps you steer your business through risky waters and into a successful future with minimal fuss, complication, and cost.

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