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Monitoring (Eagle Eye)

What is Monitoring?

This product alerts you of any changes to your debtors’ risk profiles, providing you with the necessary information to continue your journey into the known.

Circumstances change, right? Yes! Every day brings with it new challenges and new information. With the right information at hand, you can make better decisions to continue with a healthy relationship, or determine if action should be taken against a debtor.

For Example

  • Would you still want to trade with a debtor if their registration status changed from “In Business” to “Deregister in Process”? You can track changes in a business, negative or positive, and act immediately according to your credit policy.
  • Would you still rate a debtor less risky if either of the two principals had any adverse impact on their record? No, the risk profile is now completely different. Now you can track the activities of the principals too.

Current information will assist you to navigate the risky waters we are facing today. By proactively keeping an Eagle Eye on your debtors, you are limiting your risk exposure and reducing potential credit risk. Through this process, you still have the benefit of maintaining a healthy client relationship and increasing your debtor’s profitability at the same time.

Cred-it-data offers a full range of alert types, from the business to the principal.

Alerts will be delivered directly to you via your choice of channel (web service or online), which will enable you ta take action, no matter where you are.

Contact us today, and let us help guide you on your journey into the known.

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