Late-Paying Customers Affect Your Bottom Line.

Your profits should not suffer because of customers that don’t honour their payment commitments.

At Cred-it-data, we can help you manage your margin by conducting a thorough assessment of your customers’ credit histories, so you can trade with confidence.

With Cred-it-data, you can:

  • Take on new customers and set credit limits.
  • Create credit policies.
  • Check customers for potential fraud.

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    Your journey into the known

    Trust your new business relationships with Cred-it-Data, every step of the way.

    We can help you trade with more confidence, knowing your customers’ credit profile from the word go.

    Why Pay for a Subscription?

    ith Cred-it-data, there is no
    need to pay recurring subscription
    fees. You pay for what you use.

    Real Answers

    We provide you with meaningful answers
    – not just more questions.


    We provide an affordable
    credit bureau solution – even
    for smaller businesses.

    Ease of Use

    If you don’t know where to start,
    we can help simplify the process
    for you.

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