Suppliers can be more important than you think

Most businesses overlook supplier assessments and management which is in actual fact a major business risk. Your suppliers in most cases decide whether you can do business or not so they should be treated as an integral part of your risk management processes. Up and above this making sure your vetting process should be clear and transparent to reduce fraud and corruption

Our unique supplier assessment system is a comprehensive look at the supplier not only from credit report aspect but rather looking at what we like to refer to ā€œ10 Cā€™sā€.

  • Competency
  • Capacity
  • Commitment
  • Control
  • Cash
  • Cost
  • Consistency
  • Culture
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication

You setup your own parameters and weightings matrix online and our supplier assessment score card will evaluate your supplier against the rules you set.

Type of solutions

  • Assess suppliers using score card
  • Fraud management
  • Supplier monitoring and alerts


  • Compliance
  • Consistent assessments
  • Reduce fraud
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Supply chain management
  • Tendor processes

Products and services on offer here.

  • Supplier vetting real time using on-file information or investigate options
  • Apply score card to get consistent decisions
  • Check conflicts to reduce fraud

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Real life scenario

You have a single supplier that supplies 80% of your products and they go out of business one day to the next, what does that mean for you? Can you continue business? Did you see the signs prior to the event happening? Cred-it-data can offer proactive solutions including monitoring your suppliers so that you stay ahead of the game

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