Our solutions cover all aspects of the customer life cycle as well as many more services. Cred-it-data provides streamlined end to end services to reduce bad debt from the outset, manage existing customers and collect on outstanding debt.


Leads, Origination

Client Origination

Require qualified, targeted businesses and consumer leads that are up to date, accurate and compliant or require data cleansing to maximise your existing opportunities. Learn More...

Credit Reports, Credit Vetting

Acquisition &
Credit Assessments

Do you offer clients terms to pay, then it is key to have an effective credit management process? Step 1 to this management is credit vetting/assessment in order to establish credit worthiness prior to trading. Learn More...

Client management & Retention

Client Management
& Retention

Make sure you effectively keep your clients and maximise the spend with your business. Re-assess limits pro-actively monitor clients so you know of problems before they arise. Learn more...

Collections and Tracing services

Collections & Tracing

Poor collections lead to poor cash flow. Make sure you are consistent and fair in collecting money due to you. We have the tools and services to allow you to manage this or find debtors that have disappeared. Learn more...

Financial Services

Financial Services

Coming soon

Learn More

Supplier Vetting

Supplier Assessments

Supplier management is often overlooked yet is major risk to your business. If a large supplier goes under can you continue to operate effectively? Supplier vetting/assessments should be integral to your business process. Learn more...

Policy and Document Review

Policy & Document Reviews

Fundamental top credit management is to have the right documents and processes in place. These form the building blocks to effective credit management. Need assistance with getting compliant paperwork in place. Learn more...

Training and Support

Training & Support

Our leading support and training are something we pride our business on. We do on site training or telephonic training if it suits your needs. Learn more...

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