• Basics

  • What does Cred-it-data do?

    Cred-it-data offers an online platform to assist businesses in the acquisition, retention or maintenance and collection of your customers. We allow you to do everything from credit vetting to collecting and blacklisting clients for none payment via a single secure state of the art platform available 24/7 all year round.
    We offer access to all major credit bureaus and allow you simply and easily make decisions based on the information
    We have been a leader in the aggregated credit vetting industry for 10 years and have a numerous years’ experience.

  • What data can you access?

    You can access a vast array of different sources and information from consumer to business through one portal we give you access to the following information sources;

    • Credit related
      • TransUnion credit bureau
      • Experian South African
      • Expert Decision Systems (XDS) credit bureau
      • Compuscan credit bureau
      • CIPC, Companies and Intellectual property commission (Companies database of South Africa)
    • Banks for bank codes and Bank account verification
    • Deeds and property information
    • Decision and scoring modules
  • Why do credit vetting?

    Credit vetting is not just for banks and large credit lenders, it is vital for any business and unless you only trade on up-front payment terms, you are providing your customers with credit. Generally the problem is not knowing who you are working with and not seeing a credit report for a business, you could miss vital information that may affect their ability to pay you affecting you cash flow and bottom line. Making informed credit decisions to safeguard your business and your money is a top priority for any business

  • Why not just use the credit bureau directly ?

    Did you know there is more than one credit bureau in fact there is numerous credit bureaus in South Africa so you can opt to go to each credit bureau directly to get a holistic view but you will pay subscription to each bureau and will have to aggregate the information yourself

    Pro’s going with Cred-it-data

    • Single point of access to all credit bureaus and other data sources which you will not get at the credit bureau
    • Aggregated view of information
    • Your choice of which sources to use
    • No contract fees or yearly subscriptions
    • Cost saving
  • Account Related

  • Is their fixed term contracts?

    No. You can choose to use as long as you wish. If you are on a free package and do not run any transactions in a month you will have no costs. If you are on a paid account simple request to pause your subscription or to cancel prior to the next billing period via the request on the portal.

  • Does Cred-it-data offer volume discount?

    Yes we do, Cred-it-data offers very competitive pricing on volume users. Please contact us to discuss the options and costs on offer and let us better meet your budget and requirements.

  • Do you offer credit accounts?

    Yes, once your account is vetted and approved by us we offer a 30 day accounts from presentation of invoice. This is subject to the account passing our internal vetting process and being approved as well as being validated so all documentation is signed and returned to us.

  • Costs

  • What does it cost?

    You will need to sign up for an account these vary from free to enterprise account see the features to choose the account that best suits your needs. Package, if not free option is charged monthly

    • Thereafter your you pay per transaction as per your pricing annexure and visible online when completing transactions
    • All prices are exclusive of VAT


  • How do I delete my account?

    In line with data retention rules and procedures set out by POPI and other legislation we shall remove your account entirely on request. Please contact us via email or telephone to arrange this.

  • Technical

  • Can I directly integrate my existing system?

    We offer a full REST API to allow customers to integrate into existing system and make your processes seamless and efficient. In order to integrate into our system you will need to be on an Enterprise package. To get further information on integrating into our portal via the API please contact us

  • Do I require software to use the system?

    No, you do not require any software as the system is built online and is a Software as a service cloud based technology so any device with a browser and internet connection will be able to access our portal.

  • My company has strict firewall/internet browsing rules what do we need to allow?

    In order to access the system the following URL will need to be added to your firewall exception rules if you have strict blocking policies;

    • portal.creditdata.co.za, ws.creditdata.co.za, kb.creditdata.co.za and creditdata.co.za


  • Can you handle bulk volume?

    We process thousands of transactions per day and a very confident that we can meet your requirements of volume having processed for large enterprise banking customers that run large volumes.

  • Security

  • Is my data secure?

    Security is of utmost importance and our systems have been audited to meet best practices set out for information security.

    • Data is encrypted from the time it leaves your PC or mobile device using a secure socket layer SSL encryption certificate
    • Data is further stored encrypted in secure data warehouse
    • All systems use proactive monitoring that checks for anomalies and potential breaches 24/7 using the latest technology and algorithms
    • System as checked weekly by a PCI compliant third party to ensure independent compliance
    Want to know more around this topic then see the our data protection and security section


  • Compliance

  • Is the system compliant?

    The system is designed in accordance to best practices and measures and is compliant in regards to all major governing legislation including but not limited to;

    • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) Act 4 of 2013 as amended
    • National Credit Act (NCA) Act 34 of 2005 and amended in 2015
    • Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT) Act 25 of 2002
    • Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) Act 2 of 2000
    • ISO 27001 guidelines for information security
    The acts are in order of importance as the latest takes preference over previous acts as amendments get made.



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