Get your paperwork right

Now more than ever before it is vital that your policies, terms and conditions and process are in place and correct. The foundation of successful credit management policy and process is the right building blocks which starts with the paperwork.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Is your current contracts and agreements compliant with all legislation?
  • Did you know a business and fall under NCA as a person does?
  • Does your current agreements and terms cover you in the event of legal process?
  • Do you have a credit management policy?
  • Are your credit applications forms compliant?

Cred-it-data can offer customised documentation that are all compliant and ask the right questions.

Type of solutions

  • Credit management policy with measurables so that you can adjust as required
  • Credit applications forms with the right questions (electronic also available)
  • Supplier assessment policies
  • Settlement agreements
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreements


  • Compliance
  • Improved chance of collections
  • All have updates to 12 months with nay major legislative changes and requirements.
  • Get your documentation in order
  • Improved contract and credit management with formal processes and procedures

Products and services on offer here.

  • One on one discussion to assess your current policies, terms and agreements and give indication of shortfalls
  • Choose one or all of customised documents

If you require more information or are interested why not contact us

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