• Taking a different approach

    For any business that trades on credit basis, that is offer clients terms to pay, it is key to have a sound and effective credit management process. The first integral step to this management is credit vetting or credit assessment in order to establish credit worthiness prior to starting to trade.
    At Cred-it-data we offer best practice out the box solutions for any type of business to make decisions with confidence and if you require customised solutions we have the skills and resources to tailor a solution to your needs.
    With access to all major credit bureaus you can get a holistic view of your clients and with our easy to ready comparative reporting solutions, decision making is easier than ever.

    Type of solutions

    • Credit vetting and assessments on businesses and individuals.
      • Determine appropriate initial credit limits
      • Interface with any credit bureaus and other data sources
      • Formulate strategies for credit lending
    • Automated decision and scoring systems
      • Consistent and objective assessment processes for taking on new clients meeting your credit policy
    • Fraud Management
      • Check listing with fraud database
      • Prevent fraud before goods or services are provided
      • Identify re-offenders
      • Detect insider or collusion fraud
      • Get notified of known fraud through our sharing systems
    • Electronic Credit applications forms with terms customised to your needs
      • oWe also offer electronic credit application process customised to your brand


    • Make better decision
    • Make more consistent decisions
    • Reduce abandonment rate
    • Save money in the long term with reduced bad debt
    • Taking on a new customer and setting credit limits
    • Deciding on credit limits to give customers
    • Creating credit policy
    • Check customers for potential fraud
    • Integrate into your existing systems

    Just some of the products and services on offer here available on both consumers and businesses and from all major credit bureaus. You can also combine the data as you see fit.

    • On file reports with instant feedback
    • Scoring and decision making
    • Bank Codes
    • Trade references
    • Adverse information
    • Investigate reports in different forms from basic to comprehensive
    • Property and deeds information
    • Bank Account verification

    If you require more information or are interested why not contact us

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