• Time to get your money

    So you have done everything required of you but the client does not pay or you can’t reach the client what do you do. Well the last aspect to effective credit management is your collection process so that you get your money. A popular tool used in industry to find out what clients is “Day Sales Outstanding” or DSO. Cred-it-data provides various models to use that can be far more accurate in creating your collections policy.

    Poor collection leads to poor cash flow, it’s that simple.

    Type of solutions

    • Do it yourself online
      • Send legal reminders
      • Section 129 letters of demand in line with NCA and we track proof of delivery for you with all footprints recorded
      • Record payments
      • Upload contracts, invoices, statements
      • Record expenses incurred during collection
      • Automated timing, our system will automatically remind you of the next steps and one click it all happens
      • Blacklist or correctly named default listing with credit bureaus from online facility
      • Access to Settlement agreements, and acknowledgement of debt templates that will get created for your case customised to your own requirements.
    • Hand it over
      • Easy, simple and effective
      • You don’t have the time or want it done by professionals then simply capture the required information and hand it over we will handle the rest
      • Competitive low commission rates on the collection starting from 10%.
      • No success, No fee
      • Regular feedback with alerts and emails during the entire process.
      • Fully compliant and done through registered debt collectors
    • Tracing
      • If you cannot get hold of the client any longer, we have numerous tracing tools from variety sources to allow you to trace both a business or person with accuracy. Cred-it-data can provide last know addresses, telephone numbers, linked persons, other movement like property or when a new enquiry is done on a person. We can also load trace alert to notify others you are looking for them.


    • Ability to blacklist (default) with all bureaus
    • Cheaper than attorneys for pre-legal collections
    • Improve collection success rate
    • Improve cash flow
    • Save money!
    • Bad-debt
    • Late paying debtors
    • Improve collections success
    • Compliance

    Just some of the products and services on offer here available on both consumers and businesses and from all major credit bureaus. You can also combine the data as you see fit.

    • Section 129 Letters of demand
    • Notices
    • Automated workflows
    • List with all bureaus
    • Collection scoring to give indication of success

    If you require more information or are interested why not contact us


  • Be consistent and fair, if your policy states that demand letters are sent at 45 days on a 30-day account then stick to that practice and don’t let it slide
  • Start your reminders early prior to the account being due by sending statements and friendly reminders.
  • Collections is not only a phase when money is overdue. It involves your entire policy and process around collecting money owed to you from day one
  • Treat every customer the same and consistent

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