About Us

Our journey so far….

We are a small, flexible Credit Bureau that allows customised credit vetting solutions from numerous data sources. We work with our clients to fulfil all their needs.

Registered with the National Credit Regulator

Cred-it-Data Online Holdings (Pty) Ltd, also referred to as Cred-it-Data Online or Cred-it-Data, was established in 2007. We are an accredited business partner of all major Credit Bureaus in South Africa. Our aim is to be the agency of choice.

In 2017, we registered as a Credit Bureau with the National Credit Regulator and have been granted a Credit Bureau License, under license number NCRCB25.

Our clients range from Owner run Businesses, to SMEs (Small / Medium Enterprises), to large Blue-chip Corporates.

Our Industry Firsts include:

We have developed strong strategic partnerships over our multiple years of experience in the credit information space. We remain compliant in and keep abreast of all aspects of the industry including new legislation, technology and the future of the industry.


Some of our milestones along the way include:

Partner of year: Successful integration into third party applications via web service as well as Channel partner of the year with a major credit bureau.

APRIL 2010 | Partnered with XDS: The side-by-side view of a consumer’s data was a first in the industry.

DIY Collections: Added a collections portal to allow self-service collections, including letters of demand and blacklisting/default listing direct to credit bureau.

Scoring & Decision Automation: Introduced scoring and automated decision on business reports direct to SMME market

Combined Commercial: Launched first industry combined commercial/business credit report with the ability to view up to 4 credit bureaus side by side on business/commercial data

Monitoring and Alerts: Expanded the commercial/business scoring with a real-time monitoring and alerts system to pro-actively manage debtors

Registered Credit Bureau: Licenced to operate as a Credit Bureau by the National Credit Regulator under licence NCRCB25

Acquisition and Vetting

Decision making has never been easier. Get a holistic view of your client’s credit history to make better decisions and start trading with confidence.

Customer Management

Grow your business through effective customer management. Whether you need to review credit limits, manage insurance limit of discretions’ or simply monitor your book of active clients we have a solution for you.

Collections & Tracing

Early, consistent debt collection done the correct way leads to increased cash flow – it’s that simple. Cred-it-data can provide the tools for you to effectively manage the entire collections process and list defaults when required.

Are you ready to journey into the known?