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Established in 2007, Cred-it-Data Online Holdings (Pty) Ltd, also referred to as Credit Data Online or Cred-it-data, is an business services provider, primarily credit information on both consumer and businesses. We aggregate information from various sources into one central portal to allow credit grantors and businesses with the risk management tools and solutions to monitor and control credit thereby enabling them to manage their businesses better by better managing their customer acquisition and retention practices when credit is involved. We are an accredited business partner of all major credit bureaus with the aim of being the agency of choice.

NCRCB25, Registered Credit Bureau

The journey

The concept of the business started in 2006 with the first seeds sown for a central location to access credit information and other business services in an automated process. It became frustrating having to access numerous system to get the same data and it made sense to access one location for all the requirements. Here is a small snippet of our journey

July 2017

Registered Credit Bureau

Got rights to operate as Credit Bureau from National Credit Regulator under licence NCRCB25

April 2017

Expansion into commerical

Expanded offering in commercial space

Year 2016

Onwards and Upwards

2016 saw the expansion into the scoring and decision engine space allowing for customised score cards for clients that can be changed on the fly

Mar 2015

Monitoring and Alerts

Expanded the commercial/business scoring with real-time monitoring and alerts system to pro-actively manage debtors

Nov 2014

Combined Commercial

Launched first to industry combined commercial/business credit report with ability to view up to 4 credit bureaus side by side on business/commercial data

Sep 2014

Scoring & Decision Automation

Introduced scoring and automated decision on business reports direct to SMME market

Mar 2014


First major client integrated on new business services platform servicing multiple SMME businesses in a seamless fashion

Dec 2013

Business Services Platform launch

Launched beta of new Business Service Platform system

Q1 2013

Servicing Corporate SA

Strengthened integration into larger corporate space exposing product and service offering directly into third party systems

Nov 2012

Compuscan Credit Bureau

Introduced new supplier Compuscan into the offering allowing for a 4 bureau comparative consumer credit report side-by-side

July 2012

5 Year Milestone

Celebrated 5 years in business with many first to industry products and services achieved

Q3 2011

DIY Collections

Added collections portal to allow self-service collections including letters of demands and blcklisting/default listing direct to credit bureau

Oct 2010

Bank Codes Direct

Introduced Bank Codes direct with a major bank as supplier

Apr 2010

XDS Xpert Decision Systems

Partnered with new credit bureau supplier, XDS, to add to the mix of products and offered 3 bureau consumer credit report, the first in industry side-by-side view of a consumer

Q3 2009

CBA Membership

Joined the CBA Consumer Bureau Association as only none credit bureau member

Jan 2009

Electronic Listings

Electronic services expanded with direct blacklisting/default listing electronically to credit bureau

Q3 2008

Partner of year

Successful integration into third party applications via web service as well as Channel partner of the year with major credit bureau.

Apr 2008

Experian Credit Bureau

Partned with direct relationship with Experian credit bureau as a resell partner. Immediately launched first to industry combined consumer report from 2 credit bureaus

July 2007

Official start of business

Launch of official business in July 2007 as Pty Ltd.

July 2007

TransUnion (ITC) Credit Bureau

Partnered as a resell partner with TransUnion Credit bureau

Year 2006

Seed is sown

Development of version 1 started in October 2006


  • Strong strategic partners
  • Multiple years of experience in the credit information space
  • Experienced in development credit vetting solution and services for blue chip companies
  • Staff attends regular training on all aspects of the industry including new legislation, technology and the future of the industry. 
  • A team that fully understands the data and information offered and can easily assist you with questions relating to information supplied on reports.


Mission & Vision

  • Customer and service focus
  • Technology is key to survival
  • Honesty, reliability and security focused
  • Business service platform of choice


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